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Efflorescence - Embodiment Workshop for Women to Erotically Thrive

June 08, 2024 2:00 PM | Christiana Sunderland (Administrator)

Do you feel expressed and fulfilled with your pleasure or do you feel stuck, stagnant, uninspired, or resistant in relationship to your erotic self?

Efflorescence is an embodiment workshop designed for women to not only learn what they need in order to thrive, but to EMBODY it, and gently re-wire the nervous system to support your resiliency so that erotic exploration and expression feels safer and more enjoyable.  When we have the space to explore our expression it leads to fulfillment. 

In this workshop you will 

  • Be guided through a felt sense meditation that will assist you in creating connection to your body . 
  • Learn about the 3 substructures you will need to encode into your nervous system in order to thrive. You already have them, but this workshop is going to offer a updated perspective for our modern world. 
  • Be lead through the Efflorescence embodiment practice where you will be held through feeling the sensation of the what you need in order to thrive with a gentle re- wiring of your nervous system that is going to positively reinforce your ability to erotically thrive. 
  • Integrate with group sharing and celebration. 
  • Receive the audio practice for you to keep and continue your practice. 

This workshop will be held at Bare Heart Boudoir Studio in Los Osos. (Support 2 of SLOWN members)

June 8, 2024 2-4PM

This workshop is for women/ vulva owning bodies 18 years and older. 

This workshop is available to single or partnered women. 

Cost of workshop is $98. Early Bird pricing is $88 valid till 5/15/2024

Workshop details and sign up is here 

Sign up early, space is limited. 


  • April 22, 2024 12:39 PM | Mariah Eaves (Administrator)
    I am SO looking forward to this event!!
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