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Who We Are:

  • a non-profit organization open to all women
  • Women’s Network was established in 1979 by a small group of women
    who felt there was a need for a personal and career development group
  • We strive to cheer the entrepreneur, to mentor the novice, and inspire the experienced

What We Do:

  • We provide a forum for networking, exchanging ideas, and promoting each others' businesses
  • We enjoy and learn from guest speakers at monthly luncheons and special events
  • We build strong professional relationships
  • We spark friendships among members and within the community
  • We support community involvement

Our Mission:

We are committed to personal and professional growth through communication, education and the building of relationships.

We meet the third Wednesday of every month from 11:30 - 1:30 at UPPER CRUST TRATTORIA
11560 Los Osos Valley Rd., Laguna Village Center, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 

In the beginning…

The San Luis Obispo Women's Network is a lively, diverse group of women dedicated to supporting, encouraging and empowering women to reach their fullest potential both personally and professionally. Its beginning dates back to 1979 when Connie Framberger had left her job, was unemployed, and was looking for focus. Connie was looking for other business women to talk with, and since there were not many women in business at that time, Connie decided to begin a personal and career development group rather than a service club. Pandora Nash was working with Connie’s husband, and she and Connie met for lunch to discuss the possibilities of starting such a group.

In September 1979, the first group of women (approximately 20 women) met at Howard Johnson’s in San Luis Obispo. There was no formal name for the group, no officers, no specific agenda or policies, and no fancy brochures. People just showed up and paid for a salad bar lunch.

A board of directors was developed…

In September 1980, Patricia Ashbaugh created the by-laws for Women’s Network. Betsey Nash became the first president of the San Luis Obispo Women’s Network, and a board of directors was developed.


Jean Jones / President

Sherry Stupar /  VP

Megan Barnhard / Secretary

Smitty Price / Treasurer

Jeanette Vierra / Programs
Jane Kostiw / Programs

Bree-Ann Cox / Facilities

Gina Cinardo / Social Media, Web
Ashley Dammeyer / Social Media

Liz Christoffersen / Fun Projects

Carol Kerwin / Membership
Nancy Kington / Membership

The Women’s Network of San Luis Obispo is a
not-for-profit organization and is open to all women.

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